Sculpture done as a week long project in between the semesters architecture studio. The sculpture had to have some interaction with the architecture building, cost no more that $100, and represent a provided word chosen at random by the professor, "beautiful".

A view of the sculptures reflection in the front window, which provided the necessary "interaction" with the building.

The sculpture was made with junk yard steel and six rolls of yarn.

As the sculpture became a more permanent fixture at the school, the birds adopted it as a haven for their interaction and as a result was later named "per gli uccelli", or "for the birds".

Done as a packaging project, students were asked to create a personal stamp and container. The stamp had a single streak that went through the stamp that would be added to, one streak at a time, during each year. This way, as the architect changes, so does his mark. The box, made of bamboo, would maintain the original design. The progression of the mark would also make for an interesting demarker on project sheets indicating the period during the architects career from which a project was completed. Over time, the stamp would go from almost completely red to almost completely white.

Another packaging project where students were asked to develop the packaging for a book of choice and a cd-rom with a limited amount of provided material. The submitted design provides the book two options of rest, to collapse and fit on a book shelf with the spine exposed, or to stand, self sufficient, on display accenting both the cd-rom and the book cover.

Eraser on charcoal, manipulated in photoshop.


Self, pastel.