School project, Meridian, MS. Sketch-Up model, rendered out of kerkythea.

As a school project, this building is a product of a provided program and several limitations which included that: the building be 4' above grade, be no more than 3 stories, allow the footprint to only take up 10% of the site, allow the design to reflect the city and the adjourning building, the Threefoot, as well as focus on the public vs private dynamic that was inherent in the program. The building was meant to serve as a restaurant on the first floor, gallery and artist studio on the second, and an artists loft on top.

By placing the building back on the site and at a diagonal we allow the views from the cities main road to view only the Threefoot Building while allowing the building to command the site and providing a sleek solution to the footprint limit.
As the driver approaches the site only the most public space is visible, the exterior plaza. The design is primarily meant to frame the Threefoot but to also perceptually provide the city with some much needed green space.

Once the driver begins to turn, passing the Threefoot, the building begins to slowly reveal itself exposing the "public" restaurant and gallery first, an announcement of its purpose as a place for the community to gather.

The most active element that contributes to the projects composition are the grids that cover the building as well as the front plaza, a reference to the city's layout which is comprised of two grids that intersect at the same angle as that of the panels on the building. The sites grid, which lights up at night, also intersects with the building at the same angle. The grid is used as a response to the projects requirement that the project exhibit some element of the city.

The restaurants main dining space juts out in to the public park space, providing the city with an entertaining spectacle and the diner a pleasant view of the grounds and city beyond. The restaurant also has a bar with interior and exterior dining in the rear.

The front plaza has both steet side and interior seating, water feature for sound, bicycle racks, and chess/checkers/dominos tables for publc use.

Main elevation.