The General Services Complex was completed in January 2012. My responsibilities included research, production of construction documents, renderings, oversight of bidding process, submittal review, construction management and acted as co-project
manager during last six months of construction. This responsibility included all coordination between owner and contractor, overseeing final construction of building and completion phases of the project as well as being the project representative in OAC meetings.

View from front entrance.

View of the main lobby. With an elevated lantern the main lobby is well lit with natural light and an array of artifical light during the night to always make the lobby a warm and welcoming place. Just off the lobby is the cafe for both employees and the public. The lobby is detailed with wood paneling and a glass railing.

The general services building houses all of the county departments including the Board of Supervisors, Tax Collector, County Attorney, and Chancery Clerk, under one roof. At 62,500 SF the project is elevated 12’ off of the ground by over 100 columns. Clad in a rain-screen metal panel system with green tinted glazing the project is one of the most contemporary projects on the coast and certainly in Pascagoula.

View toward the Board of Supervisors offices. Each office has full glass walls with operable sun shades, conference table, personal bathroom, kitchenette, and storage room.

View of County Boardroom.

View into public cafe.

The complex has multiple entrances allowing patrons to direct themselves specifically to the departments they require. Each "pod" has sinage indicating which departments are housed in the corresponding wing.

View of Supervisors wing. The Supervisors also have a private conference room which is accesible through the Boardroom of Supervisors wing which juts out to provide a panorama view of the opposing treeline. The conference room has a flatscreen television, sink and refrigerator, as well as a conference table capable of controling the audio/visual functions.

A view of the front sitting area under the public cafe.

The two main corridors have 6’ of glass which allows the natural light to filter into the offices beyond which are all outfitted with a ban of elevated glass. Some
other features of the building include large cafe and sitting area, private conference room for the Board, several exterior seating areas including an ampitheater, multiple entrances for easy public access, light sesnsors through out the project, and covered private parking for the county employees.

To mitigate the height of the building bermed earth with planted jasmine has been taken up at most of the buildings perimeters.